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  SUNDAYS 6:30pm - 9:00pm 

Strasberg & Chekhov Training with Tara


  • Method Acting / Strasberg 

  • Work of Michael Chekhov

  • Character Study with filming scenes/monologues

  • Audition prep / E-Casting / About Me video

  • Positioning in the European industry

Tara Amaury teaches in English (Spanish, German & French)





Tara Marie 3 small.png

I.AM  Tara Marie Amaury from France & Germany and the founder of I.AM  as well as for the sister association INTERNATIONAL CASTING & ACTING NETWORK  I.CAN .

I have studied at the Michael Checkhov School and the International Theatre & Film Institute New York as well as with Susan Batson, Roberta Wallach and Robert Castle. I.AM   a Virtuosi Member of Roberts International Theatre New York.

Being a working actress in international film productions such as "The Downfall", the Netflix film "La Otra Casa" with Elena Anya and Germany productions like Katie Fforde movies and series ("Über die Grenze", "SoKo"or "Polizeiruf 110"), I.AM   all about sharing my experience and skills I´d gathered within the last 20 years of my constant formation, my close cooperation with Casting Directors and Film Productions.

In the corporate world I.AM being called the N°1 Presence & Personality Trainer in German speaking countries; CEO´s and business/public speakers are my clients since 2013. My method "Physical Awareness" helps any performer to reach her/his next level of confidence, intuition and self determination. Specific physical and visual meditations (some with a sword) get both, actors and business people, to step into their potential, get inspired and be rather decisive.

My mission at I.AM  and I.CAN  is to bring artists together: THE TRIBE is an artistic bunch of talents meeting in Mallorca to make films, enhance their skills and empower their personality.

go to: my Film Actress Site

go to: my Presence & Performance Training Site 

"Working with Tara is: Accessing your power and being your own hero.

To be with Tara is: Connection with yourself.

To be connected with yourself is: Blissful fulfillment on every level."


"The work with Tara on my monologues was amazing! 

She created an atmosphere of trust and professionalism, where I could overcome myself and try out new things. I feel she understood completely what  I wanted to learn and also what I needed in order to grow with those monologues I had to practice. 

She gave me so much creative input and new ideas - things I would never have thought of myself. And she also gave me new motivation to keep working and showed me some great, interesting ways to look at life differently.

Thank you so much for everything Tara!"


  MONDAYS 7pm - 9:30pm 

Meisner Training with Andrea

Acting Classes Palma.jpg

  • Meisner Training

  • Work on the Character

  • Audition Prep

Andrea Helene from Los Angeles offers the classes in English and German.








I.AM Andrea Helene, Local Acting Teacher of I.AM. For many years I was teacher and Actress, Director and Producer of many shows in the Playhouse West Repertory Theater. 

Among the most critically acclaimed shows directed/produced: "Burn This" in which I also starred, "Gingham Dog" and "This is Our Youth" starring James Franco.

Beginning in 1998 I taught all levels of the Meisner technique at Playhouse West for over 8 years. Playhouse West is the original home of Sanford Meisner's Los Angeles classes, where he taught beginning in 1987 until the end of his teaching career.

I have taught Meisner as well as on-camera work at LA Actors Center and at James Franco’s Studio 4. Fluent in German and with a love of travel, I’ve also taught actors of the Prague Playhouse, Berlin’s Actor’s Space and recently at Portland’s Sowelu Theater.

I.AM  an actor whose film and television work includes includes 2018’s VELVET BUZZSAW (starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Rene Russo); COLOMBIANA (directed by Olivier Megaton); BUKOWSKI (directed by James Franco); TRUE LOVE (dir by Henry Barrial, selection Sundance Writer’s Lab); PITSTOP (dir by Melanie McGraw, winner, Student Academy Award); AMERICAN CRIME STORY: VERSACE, TRANSPARENT, YOU’RE THE WORST,  and WEST WING.

I.AM  thrilled to join the staff here in Mallorca and to bring the beauty of Meisner to our European actors!

" Andrea is one of the best acting coaches you’ll ever have. She has a warmth about her that makes you feel safe to express your most vulnerable and authentic self while performing. Andrea has such invaluable experience to share that you’ll gain so much knowledge and appreciation for the craft. I highly recommend her if you want to elevate your acting to the next level. "

-Samantha  Hope


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