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"This week I have shared things I have never felt. I have learnt things I will never forget. The more you give into this experience,  the more you get back. Thank you for you having really seen me."

Nick, 18, Actor, UK

Shivone, 18, Actress, Spain

"I feel so powerful now. This workshop had brought myself back again. From now on, I only want to keep growing in this way!"

"Loved it! A pure Masterpiece! Thank you for creating a safe space to expand, heal, grow, explore and PLAY!"

Kathryn, Actress, USA

Stephanie, Actress, Germany

"One of the best workshops I've ever participated! My heart is happy, my mind is calm and my body feels great and ready! Such a gift that my soul decided to come here!"

"Thank you for the amazing impulses and the option to share dreams, fears, obstacles and paths together in order to expand. We are all connected!""

 Mario, Actor & Musician, Austria



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