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I.AM designed masterclasses are usually held by one top Acting Coach in combination with one European Casting Director. They run usually 5-7 days and are held in English.


Required Acting Level: basic trained actors (acting school or regular training) and working actors (experience in film/TV and/or theatre), occasionally we accept less experienced actors 

18-20 participants

currently 1x per year


Our special dish: 3 days, 3 Casting Directors from 3 different countries, 3 groups of actors circling from one Casting Director to the next. You will be working with each CD one to one on different topics, such as LIVE AUDITION, SELF TAPING/E-CASTING, PRESENTATION/POSITIONING. All instructors work in English.

Required Acting Level: well trained actors (acting school or regular training) and working actors (experience in film/TV and/or theatre)

24-39 participants

Note: application doesn't guarantee participation. We have to fairly select between genders, countries, cultural backgrounds and ages.

4 x per year

next: fall 2023


NEW Format with Hollywood Action Director Ferdi FischerMotion Picture Action Masterclass for Level 1,2 and 3.

1 - for all actors

Fundamental movement for camera, rudimental handling of weapons, authentic action & reaction, physical awareness & knowing your limits

2 - for actors with advanced physical skillset

Advanced dynamism for camera, hit-reactions & basic physical attacks, danger assessment, mastering the illusion of physical violence, advanced weapon handling in action scenarios


3 -  for actors with solid stunt performing experience

Training of Body hits, falls, crashes, throws, rolls, execution of emergency safety procedures in worst case scenarios

3 days

18 participants

Next: Fall 2023


NEW Format with scenes for your reel:  

One industry known Film Director giving film acting training by actually shooting scenes with two camera / sound / light teams.

Usually we stay for 1 week in a finca and live/work together.

6 days

12-16 participants

Upcoming: September with Christian Tafdrup + Casting Director TANJA GRUNWALD (both Denmark)

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