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One top Acting Coach teaching together with one European Casting Director


Required Acting Level: basic trained actors (acting school or regular training) and working actors (experience in film/TV and/or theatre), occasionally we accept less experienced actors 

Duration: 6 days

18-20 participants

Frequency: currently 1x per year

Next: New Year 2024/2025


Our special dish: 3 days, 3 Casting Directors from 3 different countries, 3 groups of actors circling from one Casting Director to the next. You will be working with each CD one to one on different topics, such as LIVE AUDITION, SELF TAPING/E-CASTING, PRESENTATION/POSITIONING. 

Required Acting Level: well trained actors (acting school or regular training) and working actors (experience in film/TV and/or theatre)

up to 40 participants

Note: application doesn't guarantee participation. We have to fairly select between genders, countries, cultural backgrounds and ages.

Frequency: 2 x per year

Next: November 2024


Format with Hollywood Action Director Ferdi FischerMotion Picture Action Masterclass for Level 1,2 and 3.

Take away: showreel material.

1 - for all actors

Fundamental movement for camera, rudimental handling of weapons, authentic action & reaction, physical awareness & knowing your limits

2 - for actors with advanced physical skillset

Advanced dynamism for camera, hit-reactions & basic physical attacks, danger assessment, mastering the illusion of physical violence, advanced weapon handling in action scenarios


3 -  for actors with solid stunt performing experience

Training of Body hits, falls, crashes, throws, rolls, execution of emergency safety procedures in worst case scenarios

Duration: 6 days

18 participants

Frequency: 1 x per year

Next: February 2025


One industry known Film Director and one Casting Director 

You´ll undergo an entire casting, rehearsing and film shooting process:

1. The director prepares a scene for you (some directors even write one for you and your requirements / we look at you ideas and those of your agent)

2. You audition for the role with the director and the casting director receiving already a feeling for the directors vision

3. You rehearse your scene on set with your partner and the director

4. You shoot the scene

5. You are part of the team for your colleagues scenes

6. We edit the material with supervision of the film director.

Usually we stay for 1 week in a finca and live/work together.

Duration: 6 days

16-18 participants

Take away: Edited Showreel Material

Frequency: 1 x year

Costs: around 1200€ for the workshop plus 350€ for the editing

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