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I.AM can help you creating short films with you or scenes for your showreel on request. 

  • you need a scene in another language?

  • you need a facet of character that you have no film material of?

  • you want to have your film being shown at an international film festival?

  • you want to develop your own character

I.AM  ´offers a pool of creatives of the film industry that will work with you on your ideas, but also will advise you how to get the best out of them.

Scene: 1.600€ net. / if you bring a co-actor along, you may share it.

Included are: consultation - also with your agent, script, location scouting, production, directing, camera, editing, color grading, music & sound design.

Not included are: make up, costume, special fees for locations, any cost extras: we will talk about making it all possible yet reasonable ir even at zero cost for you!

Our films may be screened at the International Filmfestival Evolution Mallorca in front of many professionals of the film industry.

Example Short Film: HIT THE ROAD (French, English, 2021)

Example Short Film: LA TORRE (Spanish, 2019)

Example Demoreel-Scene (focus: German TV imitation)

SONNWENDFEUER (German, 2020)

Hit the Road Movie Plakat_small.jpg

Example Demoree-Scene (focus: languages):

CONFUSIÓN (Spanish & German, 2020)


I.AM  helps you with your audition. We can give you a coaching with a proper character analysis, rehearsal if necessary and a professional taping of the scene fit to the individual casting directors requirements.

Come in our studio in Palma / La Lonja.

Coaching: 35€ net/hr

Shooting: 45€ net/hr

Editing: 35€ net/hr

for the full package count around 1,5hrs of each

I.AM is us: Tara and Marino will be your first contact to work with. Ask us.

tara close.jpg



Main Producer of I.AM, script writer & director.

Marino Solokhov.jpeg


Director of Photography, Photographer

Main DoP of I.AM.

Editor. Director. Headshot Photographer.


Petra Van Raaij


Portrait & Model-Sedcard Photographer

Fashion & Beauty Photographer. 




I.AM  shoots and edits your ABOUT ME video on a professional level.

Shooting only: 190€net.

Editing only: 190€ net.

Both: 350€ net.



Marino will find some time before or after our events to make great new headshots for you while you are on the island. He had worked with Iris Baumüller, Simone Bär, Mathilde Snodgrass, Kate Bone and many other casting directors.

Shooting with 5 edited pics included: 500€net.

Every extra picture: 50€ net.

Hair/Make up not included