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I.AM can help you creating short films with you or scenes for your showreel on request. 

  • you need a scene in another language?

  • you need a facet of character that you have no film material of?

  • you want to have your film being shown at an international film festival?

  • you want to develop your own character

I.AM  ´offers a pool of creatives of the film industry that will work with you on your ideas, but also will advise you how to get the best out of them.

Scene: 1.200-1.500€ net.

Included are: consultation - also with your agent, script, location scouting, production, directing, camera, editing, color grading, music & sound design.

Not included are: make up, costume, special fees for locations, any cost extras: we will talk about making it all possible yet reasonable for you!

Example Short Film: LA TORRE (Spanish, 2019)

Our films may be screened at the International Filmfestival Evolution Mallorca in front of many professionals of the film industry.

Example Short Film: HIT THE ROAD (French, English, 2021)

Example Demoreel-Scene (focus: German TV imitation)

SONNWENDFEUER (German, 2020)

I.AM is us: Tara and Marino will be your first contact to work with. Ask us.

Example Demoree-Scene (focus: languages):

CONFUSIÓN (Spanish & German, 2020)


I.AM  shoots and edits your ABOUT ME video on a high professional level.


Adrian van Veen

Marguerita Schumacher

Sarita Knabe

Hans-Caspar Gattiker

Shooting only: 150€net.

Editing only: 150€ net.

Both: 250€ net.


I.AM  helps you with your audition. We can give you a coaching with a proper character analysis, rehearsal if necessary and a professional taping of the scene fit to the individual casting directors requirements.

Come in our studio in Palma / La Lonja.

Coaching: 35€ net/hr

Shooting: 45€ net/hr

Editing: 35€ net/hr

for the full package count around 1,5hrs of each