Giles Foreman & Tanja Grunwald

  • 1250€
  • Porreres, Mallorca

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in a nutshell

CONTENT Giles will be working with you for 4 days: thew class will all about genres and characters. All about you and your transformation into characters. Tanja will have you audition with her for 2 days: different genres will challenge you and be prepared: she is not about stereotype casting but wants to see the layers you may be able to offer due to Giles work. SPECIAL GUEST We currently are expecting a special guest too, which will be announced soon. Hold your horses, apply, wait, sunbath and see.... SCHEDULE Arrival: 2022, December 24th or 25th or 26th Workshop: December 27th to January 2nd (4 days Giles, 2 days Tanja) Beach morning: 1.1.2023 Departure: 2023 , January 3rd Daily class hours will be 10-13:00 and 14.30-18.00 - sometimes longer We offer a short yoga/meditation session on most mornings at 9am. FOOD: Our great chef Lindsay who is master of Ayurvedic nutrition will cook for us: please let us know what your preferences are - we will let Lindsay know if you have allergies or intolerances... Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided. Believe us: it is worth it - you don't wanna take care of cooking during the workshop. You need to concentrate, learn lines and sometimes just chill on the pool with the colleagues and instructors;) ACCOMMODATION & SEMINAR ROOM We will all live together in or around a gorgeous villa close to Porreres. The magical houses have an immense garden EDEN with a pool and many fruit trees. Inside the house we have a chimney and floor heating. The villa only has 8 rooms with 16 beds, this is why we provided some rooms in a closeby monastery on a hill next door (20 mins by foot) - amazing views, little chapel with a tiny restaurant up there, silence and peace. VALUE: WORKSHOP (meals incl.) 1250€ -->6 days class, 21 meals, shuttle from/to airport, shuttle to a beach, yoga /meditation --> 26.12.22-3.1.23. If you wish to spend the Xmas days (24th and/or 25th) with us, you add your 1 or 2 nights of accommodation bus 50€ / day for the 3 fiesta meals per day. VALUE: ACCOMMODATION Twin room / Monastery: 30€ / night / person Single room / Monastery: 60€ / night / person Twin room / Villa: 55€ / night / person Single room / Villa: 110€ / night / person VALUE: YOUR GUEST Accommodation (see above) plus 45€ daily for 3 meals (50€ for the xmas days)

Application & Policies

APPLICATION Herewith your application is registered. Please understand it will take us a few days to confirm. We need to check if this event suits your profile, education and experience. Also we try to have a fair balance of languages, cultural backgrounds, genders etc. in our groups, so IF your application would get declined, it would have nothing to do with your value of talent or as a person. It is simply our goal to give all countries, cultures, languages and genders an equal chance. We will get back to you shortly. Thank you for your understanding. WHAT´s NEXT? Once you get accepted, you will be sent a link to do a prepayment / full payment. CANCELLATION POLICY OPTION 1) We have to cancel If the workshop production needs to be cancelled due to “force majeure” / higher acts of nature, it will be postponed to another date. Same teachers (if available, otherwise we will provide teachers of the same level), same or similar place, same amount of days. OPTION 2) You have to cancel If YOU need to cancel for any other reason (jobs, grandmothers birthday etc), you will get a voucher of the Event minus the application fee (basically we keep the application fee for our administrative work & losses). VOUCHERS We generally do not have a money back policy but you will receive a voucher for the amount you had paid. The I.AM vouchers you can activate at any time for other workshops (not Casting Circles) so that you don't lose your money. (Casting Circles has its own application process. Once accepted, you may also use the money with a Casting Circle; On the other hand, a voucher gives you not the right to be accepted at a Casting Circle) You can chose any other event (Casting Circles if you are accepted) for it if your application got accepted for it. If you do not get accepted, you will get a full refund. CANCELLING YOUR ACCOMMODATION If the class comes in package with the accommodation, you might lose the accommodation expenses if we cannot find anyone else taking it. We will do our best but cannot guarantee your money back as this is a third party (hotel/finca...) we had to reserved for you. If you have you have booked your accommodation with the hotel directly, their terms and conditions are valid.