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Spend 12 days with Giles Foreman during xMas and NYE with other international actors exploring the intense work of Laban and Malmgren. 

The setting is a beautiful countryside cottage where everyone will be accommodated. We will cook and also celebrate together, shuttle vans will get us out of the area to explore Mallorca; but our priority is that each actor will be receiving tremendous amount of insights, inspiration and technique.

The Laban-Malmgren System of Movement Psychology and Character Analysis is based on the psychological theories of Carl Jung (Sensing, Thinking, Intuiting and Feeling).

Laban was the architect of European Contemporary Dance who essentially conducted an extraordinary comprehensive analysis of human expression

Yat Malmgren recognised that this would prove to be a powerful tool for the actor and went on to complete Laban’s theory. He extended Laban’s ideas by creating a psychological typology which brings together Laban and Stanislavsky. Inner motivation and outer expression leading to the detailed and accurate construction of character.

The technique is familiar to all the students of Yat including Sean Connery, Anthony Hopkins, Colin Firth, Helen McRory, Tom Hardy, Michael Fassbender, Simon Callow and all the many accomplished artists taught over the course of 50 years work.

Having further developed the teaching in collaboration with Christopher Fettes and others during the last seven years, Giles Foreman is now a leading contemporary exponent in the UK and across Europe. 

The workshop involve the progressive unfolding of the constituent parts of the technique, followed by opportunities to embody what has been covered through practical exploration and in acting exercises.


Masterclass only: 725€

Masterclass + Accommodation: 1025€

Masterclass + Accommodation+ 4 days Holidays: 1115,-€ 

Incl. accommodation (double bed / twin) & shuttle to/from Finca (Location: Porreres).

Guests or single room option: additional 50€ per night.

Excl. food, travel expenses.



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